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Thursday, December 29, 2005 

Try not to say anything wierd OK?

Should I? Or should I go? I've recently rediscovered a feeling that hasn't been felt by me for approximately five years, give or take a year. The last time I felt this feeling my life seemed to be heading in some kind of direction, yet there seemed to be no planned intinerary, or driver in the driver seat. Then as now all the notice I got that I was soon to be displaced to the other side of the planet was a funny feeling of not knowingness. Nothing (I'm feeling it again). Any clues?
Oh, by the way I'm going to get myself an Australian next year. ALERT! This is not sedious blabbering, I'm just want an Australian of my own. Oh yeah, I've already a Korean, but now I want an Australian too. I'm greedy. I know, shut up and keep reading. I wonder if this time there will come another type of change. Rather than being something in the physical realm, maybe I'm going to experience something altogether spiritual, transcedental, and (all I want for Christmas) mystical! Who knows! No, who knows? I think all I need is a fucking holiday on a tropical island staffed by naked men. I'll invite some my friends and have them locked in a viewing platform high and far from the action. They'll be given rose water and vodka rusks to eat so as not to go completely mad. That's my idea of a holiday!

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